Feeling invisible. That is not a good feeling generally. I mean I’m not talking as in a super hero’s powers, which would be really fun to try out for sure, but we all have a need to be seen. This can be read as heard, listened to, looked at, experienced as the person that is you. I thought about this more when I had an absolutely amazing thing happen to me last Friday.

Last week my husband and I with our 3-1/2 year old son went to visit my sister and her family that live in New Orleans. We were actually staying at a cousins’ beautiful lake house  not far from Baton Rouge and the Mississippi border. One early evening we went to visit a historic plantation dating back to the 1700’s, known as “The Myrtles” It is one of the most haunted places in the US, I found out. We took a guided tour which was fascinating and included the story of a slave who lived on the property named Chloe. Her spirit along with those of two children, frequently make their presence known on the grounds of the property, and Chloe’s image has been captured on film, the most famous one taken in 1992 shown to us at the end of the tour. It was tested by experts at National Geographic, with no explanation for the ghostly image appearing there.

This is the photo I took last week below, in which appears not only two distinct greenish orbs in the center of the photo, but also I noticed something later, when my nephew pointed out something I hadn’t seen. When inspecting the photo closer, up on the roof, between the branches of the tree directly above the white patio umbrella, is a clear figure whom I believe is Chloe.


First I thought I saw a man, but when I began to zoom in on my iPhone, it became clear to me that I could see an African American woman’s face with what looks like a turban on her head. (which she was known to wear.) I got chills throughout my entire body as I showed my sister and my husband the photo extremely zoomed in. To add to the mystery of this, I realized I had been able to zoom in so much, much more than you can actually zoom in on a photo on an iPhone. I did not do anything special to be able to do this, and I sat there and tried to repeat what I had been able to do moments before by just using my fingers to zoom in, and it did not work. I then Googled how, and if, you could zoom in so far on a photo on an iPhone. Apparently you can, but you must go through several steps to do this, which I had not done. The image below is zoomed in, in the area where Chloe appears.


I am convinced that Chloe allowed me to do this on my iPhone (which otherwise would have been impossible) to be able to see her face so clearly in that moment that it happened. This was truly an amazing experience and I definitely felt her presence –  as a Reiki Master and energy worker, I am sensitive to things that others are not.* This experience enabled me to realize that I am able to tune into spirit energies and communicate with them as well. Using pendulums in my work, I gave it a try to connect with Chloe’s energy and asked her if that was her in my photo and if she enabled me to zoom in on the photo so I would see her face. (discarnate energies have been well known to manipulate technology and electricity and it’s frequencies in attempting to communicate.) I let her know I had no malicious intent, but only coming from a place of love and respect, and curiosity; and to help if at all possible. I got a YES. I asked if she would do it again and I got a NO. I asked if she wanted to leave the earth plane and got a NO. I then asked if it would be OK to share the photo with others and got another YES. Then I thanked her and with gratitude said goodbye. I absolutely sensed her energy and it was truly one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Like a tree falling in the woods…or anything in the entire universe for that matter, if it isn’t seen, heard, felt, or sensed, does it exist? We are all here to be seen, and all that word encompasses, whether spirits in human form or discarnate – so be yourself, because the world needs you. After all, you’re the only one.

*Everyone has intuition and the potential of growing their innate abilities to tune into their own psychic powers. Most people block it subconsciously, or consciously, or don’t believe in it, so it therefore won’t come out. As you know – if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’ll be discussing this more in an upcoming blog… see you there!

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See the famous 1992 Chloe photograph and read more about it here.

Bee the Light!


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