With our current over scheduled lifestyles and our attention pulled in a million directions like never before in our human existence on earth, did you ever think to yourself…. “well if I got a bad cold I could at least take a break and have an excuse to lie down and do nothing for awhile… without feeling guilty.” If you have, you’re not alone. Unless you live in a Ashram in the Himalayas, you realize that we live in a severely stimulation overloaded society.

Things today are moving faster and faster, and seemingly spinning out of control at times….. But this “reality” is not reality at all. Most of what we *experience* every day is created in our very own little brains. Every thought we think is constantly emitting frequencies that go out into the universe like a radio signal that the universe in turn sends back your way the things, people and experiences that match the frequency you’re putting out. Case in point. That if you actually just took the time to rest when you needed it, or took 20 minutes…heck – 5 minutes – to just breathe and give yourself a break – free and clear of any guilt – NEWSFLASH – the world will not fall apart. In fact, when you take care of yourself – AND feel good about it – (this is key) the opposite actually happens.


Space opens up. Fissures in the rock solid beliefs you hold start to appear, shining light on limiting beliefs that have held you back but really aren’t true, and are rather just thoughts you’ve believed in so long, you take them as truth. And every time you think these thoughts, you are just strengthening them into your ‘truth.’ It takes some work to undo these unconscious belief systems, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, this is just another belief. It does take connecting with the self, taking the time to nurture being instead of always doing. It may sound counterintuitive when you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm and the idea of taking time to go inward doesn’t seem like it will get any of those items ticked off your list any faster. But it actually can. Think along the lines of…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…or, when a door closes, a window opens.


An amazing way to connect into ourselves and help entrain new thought patterns is by using sound waves. Participating in a sound bath is an immersive and deeply relaxing and healing experience. The sounds emitted from singing bowls and other tribal instruments connect your physical being with your spiritual being.  These frequencies aren’t just heard by your ears, but are truly felt by each of your cells and energy bodies. You see, everything is made up of energy, you know that. And all energy has a particular frequency. Sound is a frequency that is audible to our ears. But just as you know a dog whistle that we can’t hear still exists and has an effect because Spot certainly can hear it; sound frequencies can affect us in profound ways that we don’t even realize.

Come and experience a guided meditation with singing bowls this Wednesday, and take time for yourself to relax, connect, and plant your intentions while we take advantage of the New Moon energies. You’ll also learn some self care practices that you can do at home.    LEARN MORE AND REGISTER

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