I’ve been actively on my spiritual journey for pretty much my whole life. I was probably about four or five years old when I discovered we’re more than we appear to be. I remember looking at the palms of both hands and said out loud to my oldest sister, “I don’t feel like I’m really here.” Sounds a little bizarre, but it was in that moment I first remember knowing I was a spiritual being, even magical. Since then, I’ve been searching for something. I’ve ended up back where I began. Myself. My own intuition. But this “search” actually doesn’t have an end….there is no destination. It’s ALL journey!

I eventually realized I needed to be myself  – completely – instead of having a foot in two worlds. I was an interior designer for a lot of years, but my true passions were my “hobbies” that I only shared with a couple close friends. My true path is helping other people discover the magical being and wise healer within themselves. This is not a time to hide or dim your light, but to be JUST WHO YOU ARE, showing up fully in the world. Let your freak flag fly! I am here to support others healing and growth, through various modalities like chakra assessment, clearing and healing, Reiki, sound healing, space clearing and guided meditations. Schedule your appointment.  I also work with crystals and incorporate essential oils into my sessions. Essential oils can support every aspect of your life! Physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are a powerful natural resource that I love sharing and teaching to others. Get started on your own oils journey! And sign up for my blog to find out about upcoming classes and workshops.

BEE the Light!


Amanda Wise


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