My name is Amanda Wise, and I am an energy worker, healer and intuitive. For so many years that statement was “I’m an interior designer.” I still love and appreciate interior design, but several years ago I was called into the realms of energy work, including clearing and healing for spaces.

I have been actively on my spiritual journey for pretty much my whole life. I was not much more than a toddler when I knew we were more than we appeared to be. I remember looking at the palms of both hands and said out loud to one of my sisters, “I don’t feel like I’m really here.” It was then I first remember knowing I was a spiritual being of great power. Since that moment, I have been on a quest for my truth and have ended up back where I began. Myself. My own intuition.

I have deepened in a way that made me realize I needed to speak my truth completely, facilitating wellness, creating beauty in the world in a different way. I wanted to be my whole self and support others in shining their own light. This is not a time to hide or dim your light, but to be JUST WHO YOU ARE, showing up fully in the world. I am here to help support others healing and growth, through various modalities such as chakra assessment, clearing and healing, Reiki, sound healing, space clearing and guided meditations. Schedule your appointment. Also I have discovered essential oils and how they can support every aspect of your life! Physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are a POWERFUL natural resource that I love sharing with others! Get started on your own oils journey! And sign up for my blog to find out about upcoming class dates.


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