A Spirit Wants To Be Seen

Feeling invisible. That is not a good feeling generally. I mean I’m not talking as in a super hero’s powers, which would be really fun to try out for sure, but we all have a need to be seen. This can be read as heard, listened to, looked at, experienced as the person that is you. I thought about this more when I had an absolutely amazing thing happen to me last Friday.

Last week my husband and I with our 3-1/2 year old son went to visit my sister and her family that live in New Orleans. We were actually staying at a cousins’ beautiful lake house  not far from Baton Rouge and the Mississippi border. One early evening we went to visit a historic plantation dating back to the 1700’s, known as “The Myrtles” It is one of the most haunted places in the US, I found out. We took a guided tour which was fascinating and included the story of a slave who lived on the property named Chloe. Her spirit along with those of two children, frequently make their presence known on the grounds of the property, and Chloe’s image has been captured on film, the most famous one taken in 1992 shown to us at the end of the tour. It was tested by experts at National Geographic, with no explanation for the ghostly image appearing there.

This is the photo I took last week below, in which appears not only two distinct greenish orbs in the center of the photo, but also I noticed something later, when my nephew pointed out something I hadn’t seen. When inspecting the photo closer, up on the roof, between the branches of the tree directly above the white patio umbrella, is a clear figure whom I believe is Chloe.

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Light Worker BEe…

It’s an imperative statement, as in, “you, light worker, just be….” be the light that you are. But its easier to say it, or write it, than it is to be it. I also see it as a “light worker bee” someone spreading light and love, working in tandem with a whole community of worker bees, each doing their part for the highest good for all.

I am starting this blog to talk about how difficult it can be to truly be yourself, and to support others in listening to the most important voice of all, their own. This is especially true when that means you work with energy, your intuitive gifts, are into crystals and or generally work with tools that to some, seem “woo-woo,” or “out there,” as in, crazy town…  Continue reading “Light Worker BEe…”